Jajce is the capital of the homonymous municipality in central Bosnia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the mouth of the rivers Pliva and Vrbas. Jajce is one of the most important of the Bosnian and Yugoslav history. Jajce is divided between the Federation and the Republic Srpska. The largest part of the town of Jajce went to the Federation. Jajce is one of the most important of Bosnian, Croatian and Yugoslavian history. Jajce is one of the tourist sites, where you can visit the waterfalls of Pliva and mills that are located at the exit from Jajce.
Jajce is one of the smaller cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Most properties in Jajce was built in Illyrian times, so this and the old bazaar. The rest of the city is built in modern style homes, villas, apartments, motels and hotels, which provide add-modernism in Jajce. Jajce is a tourist place where more rent the property, because visitors stay for a short period.