About RE/MAX

About RE/MAX


RE/MAX International is a global network of franchised estate agencies founded in 1973 by David and Gail Liniger in Denver, Colorado. As a young agent Dave Liniger had become frustrated by the limited earning and career opportunities avaialble within the industry. At the time most estate agents were earning just 50% commission and agency owners controlled every aspect of the agent’s job. Agents were disillusioned and unmotivated and most left the industry within two years. The Linigers believed that to attract top professionals, an office should offer them a combination of maximum commission, advanced support services as well as the flexibility to run their own business. In return, agents would share in overhead expenses and pay for management services. The concept was not only innovative but revolutionary at its core and initially it encountered plenty of detractors. It would, however change the face of the industry in an irreversible manner.
More than three decades after its inception, RE/MAX International remains a privately owned company and the only global estate agency chain still run by its founders. The network comprises more than 7,000 franchised offices with over 100,000 associates in over 85 countries.

The RE/MAX Concept

RE/MAX stands for Real Estate Maximums - Maximum satisfaction for clients, agents, and franchise owners. This is the essence of our brand.
The RE/MAX  worldwide phenomenon is based on the ground-breaking principle of maximising earnings potential by enabling affiliated self-employed negotiators to retain the majority share of commissions on their individual sales. With an unsurpassed support structure to back them up, this model produces highly motivated Sales Associates who invest maximum effort. This ensures a first-class level of service for vendors and purchasers alike, resulting in maximum client satisfaction. And with a team of dedicated self-employed negotiators RE/MAX  Franchise Owners are able to build their business without increasing overheads, and thereby maximise profits.
In short, everybody wins with RE/MAX !

RE/MAX Bosnia and Herzegovina

Our mission is to raise real estate market in Bosnia and Herzegovina on higher level trough the highest standards of services that we provide to our clients. Our agents, agency owners and especially our clients will have the most benefit from implementation of American standards in selling and leasing real estates

RE/MAX Balloon

RE/MAX adopted the iconic symbol of a hot air balloon in 1978 as their logo and today it still signifies the company’s emphasis on innovation, freedom and leadership. 
The RE/MAX balloon is one of the most recognized corporate logos in the world, making billions of impressions globally. It appears on "for sale" signs, bus benches, billboards, in print advertising and television commercials, stationery and direct marketing – all our promotional material and ‘in the flesh’ at charity events, office openings, for promotions and for advertising campaigns.
Research has proven the humble hot air balloon is five times more effective in getting your message out to your customer than any other kind of outdoor advertising in terms of cost/benefit ratio. Did you know that if an average sized town has a population of 250,000 people the balloon will be seen by over 50,000 - this figure increases dramatically over a major city or event!
RE/MAX has the world’s largest balloon fleet - nearly 100 balloons make approximately 4,500 free flights or tethered appearances each year in more than 30 countries around the world.

RE/MAX in the Community

RE/MAX believes in giving back to the community and supports countless charities and local causes. In the US we have been the official sponsor of the Children Miracle’s Network since 1992 and a national co-sponsor of the Susan G Komen Foundation against breast cancer.