About RE/MAX

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The Way We Work

Here at RE/MAX, we’re a team. The way we work is to have people on board who are committed, positive and successful, who strive to be balanced and honest, and who work well for their clients whatever their remit. We work to make sure that everyone who touches or is touched by RE/MAX benefits from exceptional service - and value. 

We select Franchise Owners on their attitude and motivation. Franchise Owners want to deal with us because we understand people are important, we believe systems should support not run a company, we offer the most practical, most applicable strategies for growth and we mean what we say. We give people back spirit and freedom through their business development and growth.

Your Role

Principally RE/MAX is a management franchise. Although it can be run as a one or two person business, where you seek instructions, market and sell property yourself, its true potential lies in expanding the business through recruiting, supporting and motivating self-employed sales negotiators who, in effect, run their own business with your back-up and guidance. Importantly, this enables Franchise Owners to build their business without increasing overheads.

In addition to retaining a percentage of commissions on all sales, the Franchise Owner charges Sales Associates monthly fees for the provision of office facilities, marketing, administrative and management support, in a manner akin to that operated in barristers’ chambers and private medical practices.

Franchise Owners Training

New Franchise Owners attend an initial training which covers every detail of operating a RE/MAX franchise. Content ranges from creating the right office environment to building and managing successful teams. Additional courses are offered throughout the year focusing on specific topics including IT, Marketing and Recruiting and Retention Techniques. Courses are run on a regular basis in venues across the Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Further advice and support on a number of different subjects ranging from recruiting to administration, e-marketing and referrals is available to all offices via The RE/MAX University which offer Training-On-Demand via “Mainstreet” our Propriety Intranet system. Traditional classroom sessions in the RE/MAX Global Education Centre in Denver or video sessions via RSN -  RE/MAX Satellite Network which beams 60 hours or programming each month via satellite to subscribing offices are also made available to offices world-wide.

What We Look For

Successful RE/MAX Franchise Owners come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are experienced estate agents and others join us from related industries such as property development, financial services, surveying and conveyancing. And there are just as many people to whom property and franchising is completely new!

We know that franchising is not for everyone – to operate a RE/MAX  franchise you need the management and people skills necessary to recruit and manage an experienced team of agents serving thousands of clients a year so we look for key skills. 

We believe successful RE/MAX  Franchise Owners share a number of these skills and qualities. They are ambitious and determined, they demonstrate strong leadership and management skills, and recognise the importance of providing great customer service. Combined with the commitment and enthusiasm necessary to build a thriving business, these people make for outstanding RE/MAX franchisees.