About RE/MAX

Outstanding Agents, Outstanding Results

With over 40 years of experience in real estate, RE/MAX is the home of over 90.000 agents that activate in over 6200 independently owned and operated offices in 90 countries worldwide. The RE/MAX success story began in 1995. The European network has now reached over 12.000 agents that activate in 1500 independently owned offices in 34 countries.

Why join RE/MAX Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Power of the Brand

RE/MAX is known as the number one brand in real estate. The power of the brand has a significant impact in your business. The clients’number one choice is based on their trust in you as an individual expert in your market and in the brand that supports your business. 

The Best Commissioning Sistem

With RE/MAX everybody wins. We have the best commissioning system on the market, adapted to your needs ansd skills. Your earnings are practically not limited, it all depends on you and the effort you are willing to make. 

Training and customized education

We give top priority to the development of our people. Our training and coaching programs are customized to the challenges you must face, they are practical and easy to integrate in your daily activities. 

Top technology

iList is a listing tool for agents that increases your productivity and gives you the possibility to offer high quality services to sellers and buyers. iList allows you ti manage contacts, refferals, generate advertising materials for your properties and it also identifies matches between listings and potential buyers in your data base. 

High impact marketing and PR

RE/MAX agents are renowned for their professionalism and top performance. In order to support the continuous growth of your business, RE/MAX uses a wide range of marketing and PR strategies on many channels in order to help your reach your customers. 

Continuous Support

RE/MAX’s main objective is to provide you with professional business environments that allow you to reach your maximum potential. RE/MAX Bosnia and Herzegovina a has at your disposal a team of experienced and specialized team that are ready to offer advice every step of the way.